Uplift Climbing Gym

Shoreline, Seattle

Andrew Hou

Climbing is my biggest passion, it’s molded my life in so many ways. Seattle-area crags like Little Si and Index are my home” says Hou. “In those places, you can always find people who are trying really hard, pushing themselves to reach new levels in their climbing. The energy is infectious — I always climb harder when I’m around others who are similarly psyched. I wanted to create a gym where a passion for trying hard is the norm.

Andrew Hou


  • Greg Miller
  • Sebastian Kimura
  • Ben Frey-Booth
  • Amos West
  • Elliot Bays
  • Cullen Robertson
  • Collaborators

    Uplift Climbing Gym was completed in collaboration with owner, Andrew Hou, John Kennedy and Nicole Lew with SKL Architects, Scott Tinker with Quantum Consulting Engineers and Vertical Solutions Climbing. Special thanks to Exact Electric, Eco Environmental, CFM Heating and Cooling, Alarmtech, Five Star Plumbing, Cressy Door, B&B Utilities, Ace Fire Systems, Greater Seattle Floors and RP Paint and Drywall. Photography courtesy of Tony Archie Kim.

    Press & Links

    "New Seattle-Area Bouldering Gym Will Be "Purpose-Built" For Climbers" — Climbing Business Journal