Andrew Madden

Joining the Mētis team in 2016 as a founding owner, Andy works as a "bags-on" Project Manager who is comfortable on projects of all types, sizes and budget ranges. Andy brings a positive attitude to the jobsite every day and he excels at fostering good relationships with clients, subcontractors and co-workers. He prides himself on attention to detail on all aspects of a project; from schedules and budgets to custom cabinetry. He enjoys the variety and challenges that construction presents and loves to dive deep into learning new things. An adept problem solver, Andy is often brought in to trouble shoot tricky design details or to design custom cabinets, furniture and other features. His creativity, understanding of the client’s vision and background in the arts are what make Andy one of our design-build specialists. Some of Andy’s best work at Mētis can be found at 3rd Place Books, Hello Robin, Great State Burger, Bounty Kitchen and The Pink Door.

Andy has an extensive construction portfolio and has worked in commercial and residential construction for over 25 years. His Bachelor’s in fine arts from Metro State College of Denver has driven laid the foundation of his craft. Before Mētis, Andy worked for Pacific Studios which brought him all over the U.S working on projects such as the Gates Visitor Center, Museum of Flight, Old Faithful Visitor Center and Furnace Creek visitor center in Death Valley National Park. He has a wide variety of experience in large and small projects and specializes in cabinetry and interior finishes.

Originally from Colorado, Andy and his family are now proud residents of the Ballard neighborhood. Outside of work, you can find Andy spending time with his beloved family, hiking & making furniture.


Mikel Palmer

Mikel has been fortunate to work with many of the Mētis team members throughout his career, so, in 2018 when he expressed interest in joining the company, he was immediately welcomed with open arms. A meticulous craftsperson, Mikel specializes in boutique residential projects. Approachable, even-keeled, knowledgeable and a great communicator; he fosters excellent relationships with clients, subcontractors, architects, and fellow employees. One of the most fulfilling aspects of construction for him is turning a 2D drawing into a 3D masterpiece. Whenever a project hits an unexpected snag or design roadblock, Mikel, having an eye for design, is perfectly comfortable and happy to provide insight, opinions, and value engineering options. Through Mētis Construction, Mikel is remodeling in the Ballard and Phinney neighborhoods one house a time; his handiwork is on full display throughout that area. You can also find his work at the Studio Leitz, Seaplane, Dante’s Commissary, and Como.

Although Mikel has more than 20 years of construction experience under his belt, in a prior life, he owned and operated a coffee shop in Michigan; which set him up nicely for a life in Seattle. After the move, he worked with Grant Eckman, Nils Christian, Ben Frey-Booth, and others both as an employee and a collaborator while he was operating his own construction company. Mikel is almost always busy swinging a hammer in his off time as well; some would say he and his wife are addicted to renovating their own homes.

Raised in Northern Michigan, Mikel and his wife moved to Ballard in 2005, where they currently reside. In theory, he has free time away from work, where he would enjoy playing soccer, relaxing at his family cabin in Michigan, spending time with his family and working on an ever present list of home projects.


Jen Cousineau

Jennifer joined the Mētis Construction team in 2018. As an apprentice carpenter, well on her way to journey-level, Jennifer can work in all phases of a project; from form to finish. She has worked on a variety of residential and commercial projects during her time at Mētis including; Seaplane, Sunny Hill School and multiple residential projects throughout Seattle. One aspect of carpentry that she especially enjoys is the finishing stage; where all of the hard work of framing things perfectly flat, level and square come together.

Before Mētis, Jennifer worked as an environmental educator at a zoo. Educational opportunities brought her to Seattle from Montana, where she graduated from the Wood Technology Center in Seattle with a degree in Cabinetmaking and from the University of Washington with a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology. Mētis’ relationship with the Wood Technology Center allowed Jennifer to become acquainted with our company.

Born in Germany and growing up in a variety of locations gave Jennifer a great and unique perspective on the world. She moved to the Seattle area in 2016. In her free time, Jennifer enjoys gardening, emergency preparedness and fiber arts.


Cullen Robertson

Joining our team in 2019, Cullen brings with him a diverse resume of carpentry and trade experience spanning over nine years. With an always sunny disposition, he enjoys learning new skills and honing his craft; as well as passing on his knowledge to apprentices and others. Cullen has extensive experience in furniture building and finish carpentry, framing, stone masonry, metal fabrication and is an excellent problem solver on site. He excels in design/build applications and has worked on residential and commercial projects while with Mētis. What gives him the most satisfaction in his career, is doing exceptional work, exceeding the customer’s and architect’s expectations and navigating the thousands of considerations at play on every project. Some of Cullen’s best work can be found at Tannor Restaurant, Sacred Heart School, Uplift Climbing Gym, Communion, Sip House, Bounty Kitchen and in numerous residential projects throughout Seattle.

Originally moving here to attend school on an academic scholarship, Cullen graduated from the University of Puget Sound with a Bachelors of Arts in English Literature and Creative Writing. After graduating, Cullen worked seasonally for the National Park Service in Colorado and Washington; where he built log and stone structures, bridges, fell timber and worked on fire lines. In the off season, Cullen worked for two well respected, high end remodeling and landscaping companies in Seattle. This served as his introduction to carpentry and framing. After six years of seasonal work, Cullen began working at a design/build company in Ballard, where he crafted custom furniture and worked on high end residential and commercial projects.

At home in the mountains, Cullen moved to Seattle from Colorado fourteen years ago. In his free time, Cullen enjoys fishing, surfing, building furniture, volunteering with Sawhorse Revolution, playing music and spending time with his partner Sarah and his cat Zorro.


Erica Aeby

After partnering with Metis as an independent Owner’s Representative on Great State Burger, Poquitos Bothell, and Seaplane, we were thrilled to have Erica join our team for Project Development & Management. Through diverse experience in interior design, construction, and industry sectors, she understands that each build purposes to satisfy a unique need. Conscientious in her approach, Erica prioritizes full-team collaborative creativity, enthusiasm, and initiative to strengthen our relationships and results. Though she teases she ‘will work for compliments’, Erica truly strives to evangelize and usher in project satisfaction from start to finish.

Erica has a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, and a certification in Construction Management. She has designed hospitals, schools, and multifamily high rises, managed construction for restaurants, offices, and residences.

Amazingly (to her architecture colleagues) Erica enjoys drafting in her spare time. She also loves hosting a gathering, replete with proper tunes, snacks, and spatial vibes.


Robert Hinds

Robert joined the Mētis Construction team in the summer of 2020. Well known to worker-owner, Josh, Robert came highly recommend to us. He is a very well rounded craftsman who is capable of performing any task asked of him, at a high level. In addition to being a polished carpenter, Robert is also an accomplished metal worker with over 10 years of fabrication experience. He places a high value on efficiency, as such, he enjoys creating an accurate and detailed plan of action so that a given task is done quickly, correctly and to the client’s specifications the first time. Completely at home in commercial and residential construction, Robert has worked on a variety of projects since starting at Mētis. Some of his best work with Mētis can be found at Bounty Kitchen: Capitol Hill, Katsu-ya, Hello Robin: University Village, Pie Bar Food Van, Treat Cookies and the Jensen Boat House renovation.

Robert brings to our company over 16 years of combined construction experience. He began his construction career flipping homes with his best friend and his friends father. This provided Robert with a foundation of knowledge and basic construction skills. Wanting to continue to grow as a carpenter, he then began working for Pacific Studio, a premier museum and public spaces builder. While working for Pacific Studio, Robert honed his carpentry skills and had the opportunity to learn MIG and TIG welding in aluminum and steel.

Born in Oregon; Robert and his family moved to Seattle when he was 4, and he has called this city home ever since. Outside of work, one of Robert’s passions is miniature gaming; where he paints and customizes figures, vehicles and terrain for use in gaming. It is his form of meditation and personal creative outlet.


José Tomas Rodriquez Sandoval

José began his construction career with Mētis in the summer of 2020. Currently an apprentice, he is eager to learn this trade and expand his skillset. José approaches every task asked of him with a positive attitude and a commitment to deliver to the best of his abilities, as efficiently as possible. Ever flexible, José has also began training in our office so he can assist with back of houses processes as well. You can view some of José’s work at the Uplift Climbing Gym, St. Bread Bakery and at various residential projects throughout Seattle.

Having no formal construction experience, José was previously working as a sales associate for Patagonia. Looking for a change of scenery, he made a pivot to construction. He also possess an associates degree in Adventure Tourism from the National Capacition Institute in Chile, completed a Communications course from Bellevue College and is MEWP Certified.

Born in Chile, José and his family moved to Seattle in 2017. When he’s not at work, José enjoys playing basketball, rock climbing, training in Capoeira, spending time with his daughter and exploring all that the PNW has to offer.


Elliot Bays

After 10 years of working in the remote Olympic National Forest, Elliot was looking to continue his growth as a carpenter when he joined our company. A skilled furniture maker, he is an excellent finish carpenter with a keen eye for details. Eager to learn, he jumps at every opportunity to experience new skills and to become a more well rounded carpenter. Elliot has a passion for building and craft, and being able to turn that passion into a career is especially meaningful for him. Some of Elliot’s most recent accomplishments can be found at the Uplift Climbing Gym, the Jensen Boat Works restoration project and at various residential projects.

Although his experience with formal carpentry and construction is limited, Elliot previously worked for the Olympic National Park doing trail maintenance and construction for the past ten years. While with the forest service, he rose to become a team leader; supervising and leading crews on bridge building, structure restoration and maintenance and a wide variety of other tasks. He also holds numerous other certifications and credentials including a Bachelor of Arts from Evergreen State College, IAT Basic Helicopter Safety, Hazardous Materials Safety and he is a graduate of the Port Townsend School of Woodworking.

Born and raised in Western Washington, Elliot likes being able to call this state home. In his free time, he enjoys crafting pyrography wood art, hiking, backpacking, surfing and spending time in the outdoors. You can view some of Elliot’s pyrography art at @wood_n_bays on Instagram.


Elliot Palmer

Elliot Palmer, son of Project Manager Mikel, joined the Mētis team in the summer of 2020 as an apprentice. Having no previous or formal construction experience, he has enjoyed having the opportunity to learn the trade and expand his skillset. Working as an apprentice has given Elliot a grasp of the fundamentals, a source of pride.

A full time high-school student, Elliot works at Mētis during school breaks and whenever his schedule allows. Throughout his life, his family has always had a large variety of home improvement projects occurring at his own house. This has allowed him to be exposed to a large variety of trades, processes and craft. Working at Mētis has helped to refine and give context to these experiences.

A Ballard native, takes pride in working in his own neighborhood. In his free time, Elliot enjoys being active outside, playing soccer and spending time with friends and family.


Greg Miller

Greg brings over a decade of project management experience to our company. He embraces the challenges that large commercial projects can sometimes bring, and he enjoys guiding the team through those periods to a successful outcome. Along the way, Greg prides himself on finding additional design and craft elements that he can add to a project. While at Mētis, Greg has worked on the Uplift Climbing Gym and several small residential remodels.

Prior to joining Mētis, Greg was a project manager at a custom fabrication firm, working in environmental graphic design. While there, he completed projects at Google, Amazon, LinkedIn and at Washington State University. He also worked for Habitat for Humanity in Denver, CO where he gained extensive experience in residential projects. Greg has a bachelor’s degree in international studies from the University of Washington and a master’s degree in education from the University of Denver. He is also LEED Green certified.

Born in Colorado Springs, but raised in Tacoma, Greg has bounced between Western Washington and Colorado for most of his life; always chasing the best of what both locations offer. Outside of Mētis, Greg enjoys rock climbing and bouldering, snowboarding, travel and crafting insanely funny jokes. His humor is a valuable asset on every jobsite!


Nayan Dhillon

Nayan is a new apprentice carpenter with Mētis Construction. Although he only has one year of on-the-job experience, he has been involved with small projects in his personal life since he was 15 years old. With Mētis, Nayan has participated in framing, some finish carpentry and a variety of other tasks.

His love for working with his hands is what prompted Nayan to explore carpentry; a trade that he is thoroughly enjoying. He values the completion of a project and being able to admire the end product of hard work. You can find some of his work at the new Hello Robin location in University Village and at the Sacred Heart School in Clyde Hill.

Originally from the Seattle area, Nayan gets great satisfaction having the opportunity to work in his home town. In his spare time, he enjoys downhill long boarding, racing sailboats, snowboarding and crafting jewelry in his shop at home.


Katelyn Frey-Booth

Katelyn joined the Mētis team in 2020 to fill the new need of office manager. Working remotely from Nevada was a daunting prospect for both Katelyn and Mētis; but she proves daily that proximity to the job is not a barrier. Katelyn works diligently behind the scenes in all aspects of administration for the company and for all projects. She works closely with all Project Managers and Site Leads to ensure contracts, COIs and all other legal obligations are in order. She is also responsible for a slew of other administrative tasks for the company. Katelyn gets satisfaction from learning new skills and being able to consistently contribute more to the company.

Although she had never worked in the construction industry previously, Katelyn’s work history laid the groundwork for her career with Mētis. Katelyn received her Bachelor of Arts degrees in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education concurrently in 2012 from Central Washington University. She worked as an educator from 2011 through 2019 in the greater Seattle area. Additionally, from 2017 through 2019, Katelyn worked seasonally as an expediter and ground manager for a remote dog sledding camp in Alaska. Her duties there were as numerous as they were challenging. From bookkeeping to packing and loading supplies onto helicopters; her job there was very fast paced and required a steep learning curve.

Raised in the Seattle area, Katelyn has a close connection to the area despite currently living in Nevada. When not at work, she enjoys hiking, scuba diving, traveling and spending time with her dog and husband.


Bailey White

Bailey joined the Mētis team as an employee in 2015 and recently as an owner in 2021. She was initially brought in to help out with all back of house bookkeeping tasks. Through hard work and a determination to learn all of the systems, Bailey now manages all company accounts processes including; accounts payable, accounts receivable, pay applications, client invoicing, payroll and anything else that gets put on her plate. Bailey has had a hand in every single project Mētis has performed, from 2015 until the present. Bailey enjoys being able to present successful financials to the company and learning new skills through courses and from our outside accountant. Being able to utilize those new skills to benefit Mētis brings her a great sense of pride. Although she has taken numerous courses to help advance her accounting and analyzing skills, most of Bailey’s knowledge and qualifications come from on the job experience.

Although she doesn’t work in the field, Bailey is by no means a stranger to the world of construction. Sporting a pair of Carhartt’s as a newborn, Bailey was raised on job sites through her fathers construction company. Prior to working at Mētis, Bailey attended school to attain a degree in early childhood education. After deciding this was not the route she wanted to go, Bailey switched gears and decided to move into the construction field, becoming a Lead Fire Restoration Technician at Servpro. Her time at Servpro helped prepare her for her new career with Mētis.

Born and raised in the Seattle area, Bailey has a close connection to every job we work on. In her free time, Bailey loves spending time with her new baby girl, traveling, trying new foods from different cultures, hanging out with friends and family, spending time in nature, watching True Crime, and perfecting new techniques and looks with make up.


Ben Frey-Booth

Like many of Mētis’ early carpenters, Ben initially joined Mētis as a subcontractor in 2015 to work on the Optimism Brewery project. His first commercial project, Ben enjoyed how fast paced this line of construction was compared to the residential world. Throughout his time with Mētis, Ben has worked as a lead carpenter in a variety of commercial and residential projects including; The Pink Door, Omega Ouzeri, L’Oursin and Hartman-Trueblood. Ben takes immense pride in his craft and will work tireless to ensure a project is completed on time, on budget and according to the client’s wishes. Always adapting, Ben currently works behind the scenes at Mētis; planning and implementing marketing, website design and general administration.

Ben first began his career in construction in 2008, working for Grant Eckman’s construction company while on summer break from college. Having very little formal construction experience, Ben worked as an apprentice and steadily grew his skillset thanks to Grant’s mentorship and teachings. In 2010, after graduating from Central Washington University with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Aviation Management, Ben continued his career as a carpenter, while simultaneously completing training in a commercial helicopter pilot program at a flight school at Boeing Field. During that time, he formed his own company, where he operated as the sole proprietor until 2015 when joining Mētis as an employee.

Born and raised in the Seattle area, Ben’s now primary career as a helicopter pilot has taken him to live in Nevada, where he currently resides. In his free time, Ben enjoys hiking, traveling, scuba diving, flying, working on his home and spending time with his wife Katelyn and their dog Toby.


Gabe Stern

Gabe brings more than 24 years of diverse business, construction, design and collaborative project management experience to Mētis Construction. Joining the company as a lead carpenter in 2014 and then as an owner in 2016; he quickly rose in the ranks to become a Project Manager and now is our company’s Lead Estimator and Design-Build expert. When creating project budgets, his extensive experience allows Gabe to quickly and accurately create budgets and material take offs for projects of all sizes. And when tasked with a design-build project, Gabe’s education and years of experience help in creating aesthetically pleasing details with human factors at the forefront. For Mētis Construction, he brings all of these aspects together to provide a thorough evaluation of every project and the costs associated to reach each clients requirements and aspirations. His carpentry contributions can be viewed on the Stoneburner, Olympic Athletic Club, Optimism Brewery, Chop Shop and Hello Robin: Capitol Hill projects. After completing those projects, Gabe transitioned into estimating and budget creation, which he has completed for nearly every project since 2016.

Before joining Mētis, Gabe was a founding member of a successful design-build firm which specialized in commercial construction. This gave him an understanding of the political, financial, and personal partnerships needed to complete and compete in a fast paced and ever changing city. Specializing in restaurants, bars, and coffee shops provided a deep knowledge of the electrical, mechanical, construction, and code requirements needed for a range of projects. Gabe’s experience in Stronghold Productions, designing, engineering, and constructing large scale sculptures in a working group of 20 plus artists and fabricators, gives a him experience working collaboratively to solve problems and to appropriately and efficiently disseminate information throughout the project. His formal education includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design and an Associates of Applied Science in Industrial Design, both from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Born in Pittsburgh, Gabe made the move to Seattle in 1997, where he is currently enjoying the island life on Vashon Island. In his free time, Gabe enjoys working on his home, design, problem solving, building furniture, building model trains, playing music and being an awesome dad.


Grant Eckman

Grant joined Mētis in November of 2012 as a finish carpenter, to participate in the build out of the Rheinhaus project. During that project, he helped design and craft the main and secondary bars, as well as perform finishing details throughout the project. Grant’s communication, organization and attention to detail were noticed early on; and he was quickly promoted to the role of Project Manager. An owner in Mētis Construction since 2016, he is now a very active “bags-on” Project Manager and is also the VP of Construction Operations. He excels on complex and fast moving commercial projects, but is happy to lead projects of all shapes and sizes. A beacon of calm and positivity, Grant does well at negotiating the ever changing pathway of client expectations and budget/schedule realities. You can find some of his best work at Optimism Brewery, Bus Wash Station, Rheinhaus, Zocalo and the Belltown Collective office space.

Grant’s construction experience began in 1979 helping one of his high school teachers build a passive solar house. After he studied sculpture at the University of Washington he went on to start his first construction company in 1993 where he completed extensive renovations at Chihuly’s Boathouse, a complete build-out of Chihuly Studio’s Ballard offices, a Half Price Books Capitol Hill location, The "Red Barn" renovation at the Museum of Flight as well as numerous residential remodels. Additionally, he worked as an installer for the Chihuly Studio, where he managed and performed the installation of Chihuly pieces world wide. Installing priceless glass art pieces gave Grant extensive rigging knowledge and experience; his leadership is frequently called upon whenever Mētis is confronted with a challenging lift or installation.

A native to Seattle, Grant is very passionate about his home town. Outside of work, Grant enjoys working on his house, hiking, spending time with his wife, son and granddaughter, volunteering in the community and watching all Seattle sports, especially UW basketball.


Ian Dugas

Ian is a journeyman carpenter who prides himself on being a master of many trades and who works hard to constantly grow his skillset. From form work to finish, he tackles every project with a positive attitude and keen attention to detail. Ian has been with Mētis since its inception and is a founding owner. Having only a year of construction experience prior to joining Mētis, Ian has grown his skillset with the company. A few of the most memorable projects Ian has been a part of are Rhine Haus, Optimism Brewery and Zocalo.

Prior to working at Mētis, Ian worked as a barkeeper, which is a great background considering the number of bars Ian has now helped build. He also completed the Marine and General Carpentry programs at Seattle Central University, which were his gateway into the world of carpentry. This introduction to wood working came full circle when Ian worked as a carpenter on the Mētis Boat Street project, renovating and repurposing the Jensen Boat Yard on Lake Union.

Ian is born and raised in the Aberdeen area and loves being able to call the PNW home. While outside of work, Ian is a talented musician who plays music in a number of bands. He also enjoys spending time with his wife, friends and cooking.


Jeff Taipale

Jeff joined the Mētis team early on in 2014 and later as an owner in 2016. Initially, he was utilized as a lead carpenter although his role quickly expanded to that of Project Manager. Easy going, approachable and detail oriented, he excels as a Project Manager in residential projects. However, he’s equally at home building a restaurant or other commercial space. Having worked in the construction industry for over 30 years, Jeff brings a lifetime of experience to every job site he’s on. In addition to being a Project Manager, he has boom truck and crane certifications. Because of this, he is an expert at rigging and specialty installations. Some of Jeff’s most memorable projects with Mētis are; Third Place Books, Optimism Brewery, Beach Drive Residence and numerous residential projects throughout Seattle. Jeff’s favorite part of the construction process is seeing a project come to completion and end with a happy client.

Jeff was the sole proprietor of his own construction company before joining Mētis as an employee and owner. He has owned his own business and worked for others in the residential and commercial sectors for over 30 years. He is truly an expert in his field of work. Jeff has also worked seasonally for many years in ski patrol and avalanche mitigation.

Born in Florida, Jeff moved all over the country as a child. After retiring from the Navy, his family settled down in LaConner and he’s been a PNW resident ever since. Outside of work, Jeff enjoys skiing, sailing and spending time outdoors.


Josh Anderson

Josh began at Mētis in 2014 as the Project Manager at Omega Ouzeri with Sebastian Kimura. Josh’s dedication, wide variety of skills and high attention to detail made him an invaluable employee to have on site. Josh and Sebastian continued to work together at Great State Burger, St Helens, RedHook Brewlab, Pink Door, Poquitos, and Seaplane. Besides working as a Project Manager and Site Lead, Josh serves as the company’s specialist for all metalwork, custom fabrication, and custom detail orientated design. Is it not unusual for Josh to get requests for help regarding complicated mechanical interaction, building envelopes, specialty concrete, equipment modification, and general design troubleshooting.

Josh has a lifetime of carpentry and construction experience under his belt, starting his first job in construction professionally at 16 with a company building custom log homes. In 2002, Josh began his career at Pacific Studios, a contractor that specializes in museum exhibitions and visitor’s centers all over the world. Josh’s skills & responsibilities included: welding, painting, sculpting, drafting, cabinetry, interactive engineering, custom display case fabrication and lead carpenter on high profile projects all over the country. Some of these jobs included: The Gates Foundation Visitor’s Center, EMP, Seattle Art Museum, Museum of Flight, MOHAI, Pearl Harbor Visitor’s Center, Yellowstone Visitor’s Center, Las Vegas Mob Museum, and the Spy Museum in Washington DC.

Josh was born and raised in Upper Peninsula Michigan. He could be found doing carpentry and operating heavy machinery from an early age on his family’s farm. In his free time, Josh enjoys rooting for The Green Bay Packers, spending time outdoors and relaxing.


Ludo Secretant

Ludo came to be connected with Mētis by happenstance in 2014. Initially brought in as a finish carpenter, Ludo’s tenacious work ethic and impeccable attention to detail saw his promotion to Lead Carpenter and then Project Manager very quickly. Ludo works diligently to foster an excellent relationship with the client, architect, trade partners and Mētis staff on every project he has a hand in. Creativity, problem solving and mastery of his craft are also trademarks to Ludo’s Project Management style. Although he enjoys all aspects of the construction process, seeing a happy client take possession of the final product that him and his team just delivered brings Ludo the most joy. Some of Ludo’s best work can be found in Molly Moon’s Ice Cream shops, the historic Hartman-Trueblood Home, Optimism Brewery, Rapport, St. Bread Bakery and The Pink Door.

Ludo brings more than 15 years of construction and carpentry experience to the Mētis team. Prior to joining Mētis Construction, Ludo worked for various contractors in the Seattle area, performing residential and commercial construction. Classically trained in France, Ludo is a graduate from the trade school, Lycée du Bois de Mouchard.

At home in the mountains, in his spare time, Ludo enjoys mountain biking, dirt biking, and skiing.


Rebecca Sher Christian

Originally hired as a bookkeeper for Metis Construction in 2014, Rebecca was responsible for creating the accounting infrastructure and bookkeeping systems for our growing company. Through the addition of Bailey to our team in 2016, Rebecca acted as mentor and trainer until Bailey was able to take over all accounting systems on her own. She has also been the company's Marketing & Communications Director and is currently our Marketing & Human Resources Consultant. Additionally, she served on the Metis Board of Trustees for 5 years in Ad hoc positions and most recently as Board Chair.

Her previous experience includes working with the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society as a Human Resources Consultant and at Intiman Theatre as their General Manager. While at Intiman she was responsible for contract negotiations, human resources and labor management. Before her tenure at Intiman, Rebecca held positions at Seattle Opera and The New York Foundation. She has participated on selection panels for the National Endowment for the Arts and served on national labor negotiation committees. Additionally, Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Kansas in Theatre, is a 2008 graduate of Seattle’s Leadership Tomorrow, and has served in leadership positions on local non-profit boards - most recently as PTA President at Adams Elementary School.

Originally from Kansas, Rebecca moved to the Seattle area in 1993 to pursue her passion in the theatre industry. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, volunteering and spending time with her family and their dog Bodhi.


Sarah Kautz

Sarah started at Mētis in 2016 as a carpenter on the Third Place Books project in Seward Park, but her background in administration was discovered by Sebastian Kimura while working on the RedHook Brewlab later that year. Since then, she has served as a Project Assistant on Pink Door, Rudy’s Laurelhurst, Poquitos Bothell, Burke Gilman Brewing and The Doctor’s Office Bar. She served as the Project Manager at Kati Vegan Thai, the Beach Drive Residence, Earl’s Cuts and Styles, Communion, Sip House and The Bar Method Phinney Ridge. She can also be found helping out her fellow leads and PMs on their projects as needed. In addition to her work at Mētis, Sarah volunteers with local non-profit Sawhorse Revolution as a Lead Builder in the Womxn’s Program. Sawhorse Revolution works with south side high school student to design and build homes for Tiny House Villages all over Seattle.

Sarah’s journey into construction and design began with love of art. In 2010, she completed her BA in Art History at Seattle University before completing her MA in Arts Management and Cultural Policy at University College Dublin in Ireland. She returned to Seattle in 2015 to enroll in the Carpentry Program at the Wood Technology Center and graduated in 2016 on the Dean’s List. While in school, Sarah volunteered with the Low Income Housing Institute on a collaboration with Environmental Works to help design and build tiny houses for the Nickelsville project. Sarah provided CAD drawings that are still being used in the tiny house build packages LIHI distributes. Sarah has continued to be involved at the WTC and now serves as substitute teacher for the Carpentry program.

Originally from Northern California, Sarah moved to Seattle in 2008 to attend school. In her free time, Sarah enjoys volunteering in the community, cycle touring, hiking and spending time with friends.


Sebastian Kimura

Sebastian has been collaborating with Mētis Construction since 2012 and has experience at all levels of production and management with this talented group. Joining the company as an employee in 2014 and as an owner in 2016, his experiences includes coordination of sub contractors, installing multi-story kitchen hoods, elevators, and complicated architectural and structural steel components. In addition to managing both Tenant Improvement and Adaptive Reuse projects for Mētis, he works as the Vice President of Construction Operations; overseeing all current and future projects. Sebastian takes pride in fostering an upbeat and efficient jobsite, through organization, encouragement, and thoughtful support of all trades. He has had a supervisory and administrative role in every project completed by Mētis Construction and is instrumental to our companies success.

Sebastian has worked in all phases of commercial and residential construction over 20 years and all over the country. He has qualified for General Contractors licenses in California, Nevada and Washington where he has been personally responsible for delivery of both large and small construction projects. While in Boston, his managerial experience included implementation of the Night Time Noise Rule Program for construction on The Central Artery Tunnel Project in Boston Massachusetts.

Sebastian grew up in Seattle only a few doors away from Nils, so it brings him great pride to continue to work in this city with his long time friend. In his free time, he enjoys cyclo-cross racing, telemark skiing, mentoring Mētis project managers and staff, and spending time with his wife and children –not necessarily in that order.

Company Structure

Mētis Construction is a community of highly skilled and motivated craftspeople who have come together to form a worker-owned and controlled company. It is our goal to create and maintain a structure that will remain in place for future generations of craftspeople – a structure that promotes the practice and teaching of the trades and the fostering of craft – a structure that facilitates worker ownership and hence promotes the financial viability of the trades as a career choice.

To this end, we have converted Mētis to a worker-owned and controlled company – a company guided by the idea of the Triple Bottom Line (People Planet Profit) in both its operations and governance. Mētis is held by a worker ownership trust that ensures ongoing adherence to the values on which Mētis was founded. The Mētis Trust Agreement provides for a path to ownership for any employee who pursues a career with Mētis.

Statement on Equity and Social Justice

Mētis is committed to exploring the ways in which racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, ageism and other forms of discrimination operate consciously and unconsciously to shape and limit the social and economic worlds we inhabit. We believe that implicit bias plays an even more profound role than explicit bias when it comes to discriminatory behavior – we believe that structural bias underwrites inequality.

In light of this, we believe that it is not enough to passively condemn racism, sexism, classism and other forms of bias – we believe that it is incumbent upon all of us to take an active stance against discrimination in its many forms. We will be anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-classist, anti-homophobic, anti-transphobic, anti-ableist, anti-ageist and anti-discriminatory in the broadest possible sense.

Equal Employment Opportunity & Affirmative Action Employer

Mētis is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer. The more inclusive we are, the better our work will be. We are committed to a work environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. Each individual has the right to work in a professional atmosphere that promotes equal employment opportunities and prohibits discriminatory practices, including harassment. All employment decisions at Mētis are based on business needs, job requirements and individual qualifications, without regard to race, color, religion or belief, national, social or ethnic origin, gender (including pregnancy), age, physical, mental or sensory disability, HIV Status, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, marital, civil union or domestic partnership status, past or present military service, family medical history or genetic information, family or parental status, or any other status protected by the laws or regulations in the locations where we operate. Mētis will not tolerate discrimination or harassment based on any of these characteristics.


  • Carpenters / Site Leaders

    Mētis Construction is looking for well rounded carpenters/site leaders with a minimum of eight years of experience that take great pride in their craft, and are seeking full-time employment in the greater Seattle area.

    Our wages are based on experience, daily performance, accountability, and attitude. Tolerance and empathy towards others drive our company culture.  We are employee owned and looking for long-term commitment.

    Please send your cover letter, resume and references to We will respond to every inquiry. Thanks for your interest and stay safe!

    Mētis is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer.


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Who We Work With

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  • Huxley Wallace Collective - Great State Burgers, St Helen's Cafe
  • JJ Proville & Zac Overmann - L'Oursin
  • Jackie Roberts - Pink Door
  • Jack's BBQ
  • James Weimann & Deming Maclise - Bastille, Rhein Haus, Poquitos, MacLeod's
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  • Jennifer Dixon - Artist
  • Joe Bisaca
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  • Julian Hagood - Harry's Fine Foods
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