The Belltown Collective

Belltown, Seattle

Evolution Projects

Our goal from the start was to create a creative space where community could thrive alongside full time residents.

Evolution Projects


  • Grant Eckman
  • Jason Cameron
  • Jon Rasnic
  • Cheng Cooper
  • Elijah Gelb
  • Sarah Kautz
  • Brian McCormick
  • David (DJ) Fleming
  • Jordan Garnee
  • David Nguyen
  • Collaborators

    The Belltown Collective project was completed in collaboration with Ji Shon of Evolution Projects and Robert Hutchison, Scott Claassen, Siyu Qu, Wenjing Zhang of Robert Hutchison Architecture.  Special thanks to Demolition Man, Kemly Electric, Parker Services, Orion Drywall, CFM Heating and Cooling, Ace Fire Systems, Anvil House,  Otto Rosenau, Primo Installations, Guardian Security Systems, and Novo Painters. Photographs courtesy of Suzi Pratt.

    Press & Links

    "This 10,000 sf tenant improvement project creates new spaces through subtraction rather than addition. New openings are created in the existing wood stud bearing walls to permit for flexible open office space. Finishes have been removed from the upper portions of the wood stud bearing walls to allow filtered light between spaces. The datum line between new and old is rigorously applied throughout the entire space." — Robert Hutchison