Saint Bread

Lake Union, Seattle

Yasuaki Saito

“The whole thing is more about the experience. So, coming to the site and being here on the waterfront. Being in a place that we feel is open and comforting and hopefully welcoming.”

Yasuaki Saito


  • Amos West
  • Elliot Bays
  • Ezra Ducay
  • Jacob White
  • Jose Tomas Rodriguez
  • Marley Tomic Beard
  • Nick Strohmeyer
  • Ben Frey-Booth
  • Jeff Taipale
  • Sebastian Kimura
  • Joe Mckay
  • Ludo Secretant
  • Collaborators

    Saint Bread was realized in collaboration with Graham Baba Architects, DCI Engineers. Special thanks to Parker Services, Exact Electric, Superior Insulation, CFM Heating and Cooling, DB Davis, Torsett Excavation, Loberg Roofing, C&S Painting, Wolfskill Construction, Black Diamond Blasting, RP Paint and Drywall and NW Elements.

    Press & Links

    "Saint Bread Opens Stunning New Bakery On Portage Bay" — Seattle PI

    "Check Out The Menu For Saint Bread, A New Bakery Lit By Stained Glass" — Eater