Ballard, Seattle

Allan Macleod, Deming Maclise, James Weimann

Posted up in the historic/triangular Junction Building, this Scotch-inspired 75-seater from the crew behind Bastille and Poquitos boasts two levels of polished wood-heavy drink space tricked out with stained glass/ironwork salvaged in Scotland, a small selection of eats (savory pies, charcuterie, Scottish smoked salmon) and whiskey-based ‘tails.


Macleod’s Scottish Pub is located in Ballard’s historic Junction Building.  Fittingly enough, the building was originally built in 1904 for William DeCurtin, a Swiss saloon keeper, and housed the Junction Saloon.   Most recently the space housed Harlow’s Tavern.  When Harlow’s came up for sale in 2011, Allan Macleod, Deming Maclise, and James Weimann saw an opportunity to build the Scottish pub they had often talked about.  Allan, Deming, and James traveled to Scotland and toured a number of pubs and Scotch distilleries returning with various artifacts – including wrought iron railings, stained glass, light fixtures, etc..  Mētis worked closely with Allan, Deming and James to give the fairly anemic Harlow’s the requisite character – a new bar deck replete with back lit stained glass panels and wood relief work was built over the existing bar; stained glass panels, reclaimed corbels and other details were added to the back bar; a custom designed and built table was installed in the entry and a mural of Scotland painted on the ceiling.



  • Matthias Scheiblehner
  • Luther Chatel
  • Pat MacGregor
  • Brian McCormick
  • Tom McKnight
  • Collaborators

    The Macleod’s Scottish Pub build-out was a design build project realized in collaboration with Allan Macleod, Deming Maclise and James Weimann. The map of Scottland on the ceiling was painted by Allison Macleod with the assistance of Margret. Special thanks to: Power Solutions Electric, G&W Commercial Flooring, NOVO Painting, Total Plumbing and Tile Stone Designs.

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    "Located in Ballard’s historic Junction Building, this truly Scottish experience offers more than 50 Scotch whiskies, with a focus on rare single malts. The decorations include an old cast-iron gate from a small village in the Highlands and a collection of vintage signs that detail the distillation process." — Seattleite

    "..this Scotch-inspired 75-seater from the crew behind Bastille and Poquitos boasts two levels of polished wood-heavy drink space." —

    "For the most authentic Scottish pub experience outside of the Isles, make the trek out to Ballard; you won't be disappointed." — Macleods Scottish Pub