Earl’s Cuts & Styles

Central District, Seattle

Earl Lancaster

This was something I wanted, it’s something I dreamed about, it’s somewhere I wanted to be, and I am here.

Earl Lancaster

Earl Lancaster has operated Earl’s Cuts in the Central District for 30 years. More than just a barber, he is a fixture of the community. When he and his neighbors learned Midtown Center was slated for demolition, they came together to find Earl a new location in the same neighborhood. Together, with the help of Capital Hill Housing and the Liberty Bank Building, Earl was able to realize his dream of a modern and beautiful space to cut hair and connect with the community.


  • Sarah Kautz
  • Cheng Cooper
  • Collaborators

    Earl’s Cuts and Styles was realized in collaboration with Earl Lancaster and Atelier Drome. Special thanks to: Capitol Hill Housing, the Liberty Bank Building, Parker Plumbing Services, Lambert Stone, ProComm, Exact Electric and CFM Heating and Cooling. Photographs courtesy of Suzi Pratt.

    Press & Links

    "When asked how Lancaster likes his new shop, in a Real Change Oct. 21 phone interview, he said, “I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it! And I want to do more here. A lot of people want to cut hair these days, so I want to open a school."" — Real Change News

    Visit Earl's website to learn more about his mission or to schedule a cut! @ Earls Cuts & Styles