Earl Residence

Ballard, Seattle


From the very beginning, with the brass tacks design from Strata Architecture, Katie and Karen set out to create a simple and beautiful space for their growing family. With hammer in hand Mētis helped them craft that space with mindful indulgences and celebrating an open and welcoming public space on the main floor in conjunction with the cozy private spaces above.  Once the vision for the house had been set we turned to designing an ADU in the basement for the grandparents to stay in. Throughout the project Katie and Karen brought an energy that is reflected in the brightness of the spaces and ultimately in their home.


  • Mikel Palmer
  • Drew Mohr
  • Joe Mckay
  • Joel Herrarra
  • Sebastian Kimura
  • Casey Graham
  • Ian Dugas
  • Cheng Cooper
  • Ben Frey-Booth
  • Collaborators

    The Earl residence was realized in collaboration with Strata Architects, Frank Co. Structural Engineering and homeowners Katie and Karen. Special thanks to; The Plumbing Physician, KMJ Excavating, Kemly Electric, Eco Environmental, Superior Insulation, Pahlka Waterproofing, Dom Construction, Skylight Solarium Inc, Armondo Roof Service, RP Paint and Drywall, NW Elements, VPI Flooring Solutions and Bassett Home Heating. Photographs courtesy of Tim Urpman.