Bus Wash Station

Renton, WA


Bus Wash Station

For this project, Metis was tasked with converting of an old Cummins truck repair facility into a bus refueling, wash and repair station for a major bus line. This work had to be completed on an extremely accelerated schedule due to some property leasing issues the bus line was having with the Port of Seattle. One major and unique scope of work included converting one of the truck bays into a combination refueling and bus washing drive through. This included a major sewer diversion with lavatory waste, oil, fuel and bus wash soap as separate DWV lines. The floor had multiple sloping drainage areas and the entire area had to be wired with explosion proof electrical and plumbing devices. Despite a number of setbacks and code compliance issues the job was delivered 24 hours before this bus company had to vacate their Seattle facility.

The buses ran on time for Christmas 2018!


  • Grant Eckman
  • Ben Frey-Booth
  • Zach Wentzel
  • Ian Dugas
  • Brian McCormick
  • Jon Rasnic
  • Collaborators

    The bus wash station project was completed in collaboration with Wagner Architects, Tres West Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Frank Co Structural Engineer and Pinnacle Group Industrial Engineers. Special thanks to; AC Moate Industries Inc, Ace Fire Systems, Alliance Steel, American Leak Detection, Anvil House, Boyer Electric, CFM Heating and Cooling, Cressy Door, Emil’s Concrete Construction, Evergreen Concrete Cutting, JD Equipment Company, Olea Painting, Squak Box, Parker Services, Roof Corp, Superior Insulation and Keithly Electric. Photographs courtesy of Chi Kretna.