East Union St. Brewery


Eighty miles […] out, ten thousand feet below the surface of the sea, the hand of a geological clock is somewhere in its slow sweep. All across the region, seismologists are looking at their watches, wondering how long we have, and what we will do, before geological time catches up to our own.

Kathryn Shulz, "The Really Big One", The New Yorker

We must retrofit our old buildings...

An integral part of so many Seattle builds, the rehab and retrofit phase of a project is all about keeping the old buildings standing when “the really big one” hits.  This phase of the project can involve hundreds of yards of concrete and tons of steel.  In some cases, the structural concrete, steel and timbers all disappear behind architectural stone, metal and wood; in other cases, the structural elements double as design elements – board formed concrete, precision fabricated braced frames, beautifully joined reclaimed timbers…


  • Grant Eckman
  • Sebastian Kimura
  • Ben Frey-Booth
  • Ian Dugas
  • Nils Christian
  • Brian McCormick
  • Gabe Stern
  • Jon Rasnic
  • Josh Anderson
  • Ludo Secretant
  • Matthew Hunsberger
  • Matthew Sims
  • Matthias Scheiblehner
  • Patrick McKnight
  • Tom Hall
  • Tom McKnight
  • Zach Wentzel