Third Place Books & Raconteur: Adaptive Re-Use Scope

Seward Park, Seattle

Ron Sher

Sometimes it is all about taking your cue from what is already there – hidden behind ill-conceived drywall soffits, covered by layers of resilient vinyl flooring…

Northwest design...

Who would have thought that, hiding above the sheet rock ceilings of the old Seward Park PCC, there was a beautiful old bow-truss roof waiting to be uncovered?  Would anybody who had visited the old PCC’s cramped basement, have imagined that it would one day house a bar?  Mētis worked closely with owner Ron Sher, architect Mike Whalen, and Peter Womble to rehab the old building.  Using locally sourced reclaimed timbers, portions of the main floor were raised, existing timbers were reinforced, sheer walls were built and character structures were installed.  The result was a space that took its design cues from the character of the old building and the structural requirements of the retrofit and rehab work.

Before Third Place Books and Raconteur could begin forming inside the structure, there was much work to be done. Removing the dropped ceiling revealed the beautiful barrell trussed roof. What used to a storage room under the floor was carved into a spacious and intimate restaurant space.


  • Jeff Taipale
  • Ben Frey-Booth
  • Brian McCormick
  • Cheng Cooper
  • David Nguyen
  • Eric O’Keefe
  • Jason Cameron
  • Jacob Landry
  • Grant Eckman
  • Jon Rasnic
  • Josh Anderson
  • Rogan Taipale
  • Sarah Kautz
  • Sebastian Kimura
  • Collaborators

    The rehab and retrofit of the old Seward Park PCC building was realized in collaboration with Ron Sher of Sher Partners; Peter Womble of Womble Corp; Mike Whalen (architect) and Andreas Quinn (structural engineer).